The Bold North, where the calendar is never in sync with the temperature outside.  This is the first week of Spring and we’re still in boots, hats and extra layers.  Undoubtedly, we all have cabin fever.  With that said, we’re committed to looking ahead to brighter days, summer sun, time off and long weekends at the cabin. Many of our favorite projects are vacation homes, which allow both the client and deisgner to play a little dress up with the cabin theme.  For us, these projects are gems and by the end of the job, we lovingly pronounce these cabin transformations…’Refined Rustic’.
Wood, leather, stone and iron are materials which unequivocally say rugged, easy going and timeless.  Not every lake home or cabin needs to be all logs – all the time.  We love to incorporate comfort, quality, elegant finishes and design details. This is the magic that makes a cabin or lake home more than a part time getaway, it becomes the place where you could spend forever.


There’s room to grow!  A-frames or high ceilings with wood and natural materials are a great foundation to for adding real design impact. Starting with windows and architectural details, we then add comfortable stylish furnishings, wallcovering and lighting.  Taking time to incorporate family artwork and heirlooms, designing special spaces for kids and guests, finally adding both functional and unique accessories. Refined and rustic. Check.


Hats off (literally) to Spring!!