Annie Graunke Portrait

Annie Graunke

Owner, Designer, Allied ASID

Annie’s designs are inspired by interior architecture, effortlessly blending classic details with modern elements. Her commitment to the importance of details in furnishings and décor serve as the foundation for her work. Annie stays true to the big picture. Working side-by-side with architects and builders, she creates one-of-a-kind spaces her clients truly love.

Melissa Musgjerd Portrait

Melissa Musgjerd

Owner, Designer

Warm and cool, bold and coy, Melissa’s design aesthetic is a gorgeous blend of contrasts. As a mother and seasoned interior designer she understands what it takes to create a beautiful, functional home. No detail is left to chance. Continuously up-to-date on the latest materials and finishes, and armed with the best industry resources, the design details of each project are a top priority.

Kristen McCormick Portrait

Kristen McCormick

Owner, Designer

Dedicated to beautiful timeless design, Kristen is, most importantly, devoted to her clients. Time and again, each project results in a serene and inviting home, where no detail is overlooked. For new construction or remodeling projects, Kristen's dedicated and detail-loving team works beautifully together to develop initial concepts, interior specifications and classic design schemes.

Lori Handberg Portrait

Lori Handberg

Senior Interior Designer, AKBD, Allied ASID

Creating elegant designs that are beautiful and livable is Lori’s approach to interiors. Versatile and hands-on, Lori easily takes clients from thoughtful design concepts to architectural drawings to furniture selections. For over 20 years, Lori has earned a reputation for having an exceptional eye for design and a deep commitment to outstanding service.

Jami Ludens Portrait

Jami Ludens

Senior Interior Designer

Interior Designer and Kitchen and Bath Designer, Jami brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients, a great listener who is dedicated to details. She is a dreamer who knows how to make dreams come true for her clients. This ability to realize a client's vision is the reason Jami became an interior designer.

Dawn Dana Portrait

Dawn Dana

Senior Interior Designer, Allied ASID

With the ability to understand each client's vision, and the talent to articulate this essence into the design plan, Dawn believes in thoughtful design. “I pay close attention to details and how a client lives in the space. I think a home, in its best sense, should make your life easier.

Carly Loobeek Portrait

Carly Loobeek

Interior Designer

Smart, fresh and vibrant. Carly’s clients are inspired by the natural positivity she possesses. She has a deep love of architecture, respect for local tradition, and attention to detail. “Let’s keep the history…with a fresh point of view”. With degrees in Interior Design and Project Management, her philosophy is rooted in a classical sensibility. Her interiors are stylish, comfortable and timeless.

Jennifer Severson Portrait

Jennifer Severson

Interior Designer, Allied ASID

Jennifer believes that design impacts lives and the way we interact with others, can be profound. A creative thinker and active listener, Jennifer works with her clients to transform the spaces most important to their lives. With a well-trained eye for quality and craftsmanship, Jennifer assists her clients in creating beautiful, functional and timeless spaces.

Callie Jerde Portrait

Callie Jerde

Interior Designer, Allied ASID

Callie brings passion, creativity and integrity to every single project. Her skill is capturing the vision of the whole home then developing a design plan room by room. Modern mixed with traditional, where the beauty results in each distinctive space flowing from one room to the next. She creates homes where her clients love to live.


Maggie Kasner Portrait

Maggie Kasner

Design Assistant

Maia Kline Portrait

Maia Kline

Design Assistant

Sydney Anderson Portrait

Sydney Anderson

Design Assistant

Lizzie Haug Portrait

Lizzie Haug

Design Assistant

Lydia Von Drasek Portrait

Lydia Von Drasek

Design Assistant

Hannah McAllister Portrait

Hannah McAllister

Design Assistant

Jenni Hauck Portrait

Jenni Hauck

Design Assistant

Emily O’Neil Portrait

Emily O’Neil

Design Assistant

Molly Radke Portrait

Molly Radke

Design Assistant

Katie Amundson Portrait

Katie Amundson

Studio Assistant

Ashley Lundgren Portrait

Ashley Lundgren

Visual Merchandiser, Retail Buyer