Dining rooms are the one singular space where you are guaranteed to have a captive audience…at least for the duration of the meal!  Celebrations, serious discussions, political debates, significant toasts, book clubs and announcements all happen around the table.  We think the table should be an elegant, easy place to talk it out.
A neutral setting for your dining room is the best backdrop for tabletop decor.  Whether you’re making seasonal changes or changing china patterns, a quiet palette is your best friend.

Navy blue is an on-going favorite in our industry with no chance of letting up.  Here we chose navy in both fabric and leather for the dining chairs which sit beautifully on a navy Oushak rug.  Accented with gold, brass and wood tones, this dining room is both casual and elegant.

Never underestimate the power of conversation!  A round table maximizes interaction and intimacy.  We selected comfortable fully upholstered chairs in linen, they relax this traditional space.  Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by gorgeous wainscotting and detailed millwork?

Not all dining happens at a table!  More and more we’re designing amazing spaces for eat-in kitchen dining.  It’s a chance to work with gorgeous materials like marble and granite. When we layer in fabrics, those textures add the absolute right note with strong hard-surface materials.

Counterstools can be modern, traditional, colorful or sedate.  When we’re in the sourcing stages, we often seek out stylish vinyl’s and microfibers for stress-free entertaining.
Clean long lean lines make way for “wow’ pieces or materials.  Give a major punch of color a chance to make a singular statement.  Sometimes just maximizing the setting allows the design to speak for itself.

The dining room is completely ruled by the senses.  Touch, sound, taste, aroma…and sight.  With that in mind, let the lighting shine, but please don’t forget the dimmer!  You know everyone looks better in the evening light.

Whether you’re contemporary or traditional, like patterns or neutrals or prefer rustic over modern.  We hope we’ve inspired you with some of our favorite projects. Bon Appetit!